Bucket List

We all have one, Don’t we? I actually don’t really technically have one. I have ideas that belong on a bucket list, floating around in my head, but never got them out and organized. Is that how your Bucket list goes too? Or do you have a bucket list in the form of words on paper/internet? I’m gonna get them out of the head and down on the “paper” right now, see how this thing shapes up…


Go on a safari. I want to see lions and tigers and cheetahs and leopards and all the big cats in the wild. Giraffes, zebras and elephants would be so cool to see too. I do not want to see bears. I watched the Revenant and it was not cute.


Thailand looks so beautiful and their food is amazing.


Solely need to go here for the food. Nothing else. Just want to eat all the Italian food.


I would like to see the deserts here. The terrain fascinates me. The soil and rocks and cactus. I’m so in.


I don’t really have a preference on which one. I am obsessed with jungle foliage. All of the noises the animals make are amazing too. I don’t know if I want to meet any of them… (especially not gorillas, gorillas are terrifying.) but I’d love listening to them, as I drink in all of the plants.


I think this would definitely be an incredible sight to see. I realize I will have to be cold to do this though, so it’s not high up on my list.


BIG dream to visit Japan! The food, the culture, the people, the land… I am obsessed with it all!


I’ve heard that these things are disease fests, but something about them make me want to experience one. I love the idea of going port to port to visit all kinds of different beaches. And the all inclusivity of the whole thing is kind of fun sounding too. But I get horribly seasick so I’m not sure this actually even an option for me…


SO many reasons to visit Hawaii! The mountains to hike, the oceans to swim, the beaches to lay on, the stunning flowers to smell, the plentiful fruit trees to eat from, the gorgeous rainbow eucalyptus trees. I also have a slight (major) obsession with Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family and I would love to fan girl out there, because that’s where they live.


This is a two-fer. Would that not be the most extraordinary thing to do ever!? I think I would just die of cute.


Madagascar. Just to see those baobab trees alone would be breath-taking. And those lemur are ridiculously cute.


If I made it all the way out to California I wouldn’t be doing myself justice not to see both of these astounding giants in the flesh. The Sequoia National Park and The Redwood National Park. (I think that’s what they are called?)


Like the Jungle, this also doesn’t matter which one. I would just love to be immersed in the environment and listen to all of the animal noises.


Go Truffle hunting and get to prepare and eat what I’ve found.


So many reasons Exuma is on the list. They have some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in the world.. Breathtaking sandbars for miles, the shallows or flats that you can walk around in a few feet of water as far as the eye can see. This leads me to two more Bucket List items…


Swimming with pigs! You can really do this there!


Swimming with sharks! Apparently these sharks don’t bite, lol?


Visit the amazing islands of the South Pacific. Fiji, French Polynesia, The island Castaway was filmed on, The island The Beach movie was filmed on. (Although I think that one is a part of Thailand…) Samoa, Cook Islands, all of them!

Welp, so far I mainly have places to visit on my Bucket List. Not too many experiences. I’m not a big adrenaline junkie type so there won’t be anything like sky diving or bungee jumping or zip lining. Actually I might zip line… but only if it goes SLOW!

I’ll probably come back to this list and update from time to time. I like having it all written out now, feels organized and maybe like some of these are even possible!

Do you have a bucket list?

What’s your first choice to cross off your list?

My first choice would be visiting Exuma Islands in the Bahamas. Not only would I get to cross this off the list I would get to cross two other items off too! Swimming with sharks and pigs, lol!